Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Had an opportunity to watch two gems of Prakash Raj

In the past two weeks I had an opportunity to watch two excellent masterpieces of Prakash Raj. A versatile actor tasted the roles of hero, comedian and villain.

Chellam! You truly rock in every role of yours!

Two of the soft touch films I loved are -- Mozhi and Abhiyum Naanum. His pranks with Brahmanandam in Mozhi are true ROTFL. Both the films are directed by Radha Mohan and co-starred by Prithviraj.

Abhiyum Naanum is a little emotional movie bringing out the affection between dad and his girl. Though he has affection his sense of upbringing her with a sense of responsibility is commendable. A sweet truly inspiring dialogues in Abhiyum Naanum are: "I know what I am doing" (from his little one right from her tender age of 15).

Abhiyum Naanum also discourages from using Sardarji jokes by bringing out some of the good quality of Sardarji. Also the way, Jogi steers his vehicle at high speed in hair pin bends of Ooty shows their confidence at wheel. Nay. It isn't exaggerated. You can see them ruling the roads when you travel near the Himalayan regions like Manali, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir.

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