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Ennodu Vaa Vaa ...

ennodu vaa vaa endru solla maaten unnai vittu veru engum poga maaten..

yennodu vaa vaa endru solla maaten
unnai vittu veru engum poga maaten..

chella sandai podugiraai
thalli nindru thedugiraai
ah ah ah anbe ennai thandikka
un punnagaiyil manikka unnaku urimai illaiya?

yennodu vaa vaa endru solla maaten
unnai vittu veru engum poga maaten..

ennodu… vaa vaa endru..
solla maaten.. poga maaten..

kannam thodum koonthal othukka
nee saivathum ennai konjam paarkathaanadi
kannai moodi thoonguvathai pol
nee nadippathu enthan kural ketkathaanadi

innum enna santhegam ennai ini ennaalum
theeyaaga paarkaathadi
chella pillai pola nee adampidippathai enna solla
ennai vida yaarum illai anbu seithu unnai vella
sandai potta naatkalaithaan enni sella
ketukondaal kazhukkum bayanthu nadugum

yennodu vaa vaa endru solla maaten
unnai vittu veru engum poga maaten..

ennodu… vaa vaa endru..
solla maaten.. poga maaten..

kaathalukku ilakkaname thannaal varum
chinna chinna thalaikaname
kaathal athai porukkanume illaiyenil
katti vaiththu uthai…

The Twenty Success Horses

Just like Lord Sun's chariot is pulled up seven horses, there are seven horses to steer one forward in life towards the goal of success.

It is the fact how you effectively guide and control the horse and which one so that the appropriate goal is reached.
Family's moneyFamily's social and/or political contactsStrong spouseComplimentary PartnerBig companyDynamic bossGreat ProductUnique IdeaIdeal locationEducational Degree/Scholastic PowerSpecial ExperiencesLeadership SkillsResource Management SkillsConvincing Skills -- Take the test here.CreativityHard workSmart WorkSelf-awareness and Self-masteryLucky...Any other...?

Introspection Exercise :: How Effective Are your Bargaining/Selling Skills?

Do you often find it difficult, awkward and embarassing

To say no to a persistent salesman and hence end-up stuffing too many 'junk' things in your household?To return faulty goods back to the shop-keeper?To bargain whilst you buy something?To initiate and/or continue a (healthy and formal) conversation with a stranger?To partake in a vibrant and healthy social conversation?To mingle with a group and hence end up as a lone-wolf in social gatherings and get-to-gethers?To refuse any request from a friend, relative, colleague, co-worker/cow-orker or a relative?To request any favor or assistance from a friend, relative or a co-worker?To pay compliments to a friend, colleague or relative?To criticize a friend, colleague or relative?To accept criticisms from others?To accept compliments graciously and with humility from others?To share the innermost and tender feelings with someone?To refuse extra-work at office or home despite the facts that your hands/plates are full?To show your …

Introspection Exercise :: Are you managing time effectively?

Please answer Yes or No to the following questions and then score yourself on how effectively you can manage time.

I am the only one to properly deliver and accomplish the tasks both at work and at home.Most of my time and energy are being taken away in handling daily crisis.I seldom get time in relaxing and focusing on a bit more important things that I really want to do in my life.I always rush to complete my jobs or studies as I feel I am behind time.I sometimes (or many times) accept too much work or study beyond my capabilities.I seldom take vacations.I work or study on all days without a break or holiday.I totally believe in an idealistic results or perfection and am venturing to achieve the same by hook or by crook leaving no stones unturned.I usually (and mostly) take my office works (and worries) home.I usually (and mostly) extend my home sentiments (and emotions) to work.I usually (and may be mostly) commit overtime because my job seems to be warranting the same.I feel that …

Introspection Exercise :: Are you stressed?

Do you often dislike doing home work or going to work?Are you often irritated with your household chores or bored with your work?Did you ever feel that you have chosen a wrong study/course, an incorrect career or a wrong life-partner?Do you often get irritable and lose your temper easily?Do you often take resort to tension relief pills to tide over the day's challenges?Did you ever take refuge with an alcoholic intoxicating equipments to relax yourself?Have you ever felt that people may be and/or laughing at you behind your shoulders?Have you ever nurtured an apprehension that people may be hatching a plot against you?Have you been ever concerned with your sub-ordinates or family members wasting their time when you are head is not visible?Have you been apprehensive at some point of time of any sort of assault on you by some one?Have you been concerned that your work has not got due credits and/or you have not been suitably appreciated?Are you feeling that the promotion and/or appr…