Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Twenty Success Horses

Just like Lord Sun's chariot is pulled up seven horses, there are seven horses to steer one forward in life towards the goal of success.

It is the fact how you effectively guide and control the horse and which one so that the appropriate goal is reached.

  1. Family's money
  2. Family's social and/or political contacts
  3. Strong spouse
  4. Complimentary Partner
  5. Big company
  6. Dynamic boss
  7. Great Product
  8. Unique Idea
  9. Ideal location
  10. Educational Degree/Scholastic Power
  11. Special Experiences
  12. Leadership Skills
  13. Resource Management Skills
  14. Convincing Skills -- Take the test here.
  15. Creativity
  16. Hard work
  17. Smart Work
  18. Self-awareness and Self-mastery
  19. Lucky
  20. ...Any other...?

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