Monday, February 08, 2016

Comparison between transport corporations

I have been using different transport corporations during my stays and travels to different places. Here is a quick comparison between three transport corporations.

1 Name of Business Entity Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Metropolitan Transport Corporation Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation
2 Hospitality of Crew Normal. But if you do not have a proper change forget getting. Disgusting. Even if you have change, the crew will take some cuts. Amicable. Gives proper change and expect proper change (even after you get down. :) )
3 Helping in Routes Good Average Excellent
4 Assist in Boarding Stops buses when requested as much traffic conditions permit Skips stops and goes near an auto-stand to stop Stops buses when requested as much traffic conditions permit
5 Honesty of Ground Staff Good Good Corrupt. Read IPaidABribe report here.
6 Follow up of Administration on Complaints Zero Average. Takes a week to respond Extremely proactive. Regarding the corruption I reported to BMTC, this writer has talked to around half a dozen people ranging from PRO, Deputy Director and Sr. Inspector (Vigilance)
7 Bus Quality Need to improve Has good spectrum of buses like Semi low floor Deluxe, Volvo etc. Vast spectrum of buses like Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Volvo etc.

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