Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Aadi Month -- Dedicated to Divinity

Aadi Month -- Dedicated to Divinity

This month of Aadi, today it is 3rd day of Aadi is specially observed as only for religious observations and poojas knocking off any pompous celebrations and/or including weddings too. You can actually observe my post on my horoscope match deferred by a month over here.

History of the month

Going by the Dinamalar quotation last week in thier Varamalar supplement, there was a demon called Aadi who posed as Lordess Parvathi and attempted to kill Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva managed to slay him down with this third eye. Lordess Parvathi came to knew of this and she designated this month of Aadi only for religious and spiritual observations.

Even for Sri Vaishnavite, it is a very holy month as Choodik Kodutha Chudarkodi Andal had Her Thiruavataram in the nandavanam of Vishnuchittar (aka) Periazhwar in this month. I would like to share with you the Vaazhith Thirunamam over here:

[Andal Thiruvadigale Sharanam]thiruvaadip pooraththu jagatthudhiththaaL vaazhiyE
thiruppaavai muppadhum cheppinaaL vaazhiyE
periyaazhvaar petreduththa peN piLLai vaazhiyE
perumpudhoor maamunikkup pinnaanaaL vaazhiyE
oru nootru naaRpaththu moonRuraiththaaL vaazhiyE
uyararangaRkE kaNNiyugandharuLithaaL vaazhiyE
maruvaarum thirumalli vaLa naadi vaazhiyE
vaNpudhuvai nagark kodhai malarp padhangaL vaazhiyE

Check out the full version here.

Let us also dedicate this month to religious observations and visits to Sri Vaishnavite and Shakthi temples.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I've always thought 'Andal' has connection only with 'Maargazhi' month. This is new to me :) Update me if you find anything more on it.