Thursday, July 20, 2006

Trip To Tiruvallikeni

Trip To Tiruvallikeni

Today's trip to Tiruvallikeni was bit different. It was packed with a plethora of different experiences. I started sometime around 4PM to accompany a friend to Spencer Plaza and from there I travelled to Tiruvallikeni. While I managed to reach Tiruvallikeni about 4:30 PM and had a peaceful darshan of the Lord, the return journey proved to be an arduous ordeal. I just recalled that I was reminded by a friend to try and get a book on Vadagalai Nithyanusandhanam and went to the stall to see if it is available. It was available and priced at the stand at 12. I thought and had been till then that I had a one hundred rupee note. But when I opened the wallet, it was a bolt out of the blue since there were just two fiver rupee notes. And after ransacking the pocket, got a two rupee coin. First tight corner got satisfied amicably.

Well! Next, I had to hunt for the nearest State Bank of India ATM to replenish my wallet. Fortunately my nearest SBI ATM was nearby in Pycrofts road where I usually board the bus. The next interesting thing was the slow advent of evening rain. I had to take some intermittent shelters till I managed to get the bus to Guindy (viz. route no. 45 B). I would fondly recall my older post on 45B over here. When I boarded the bus, there was only one seat. But it was bit wet though it would'nt affect much.

Should I see all pompous shows or grab the seat? My instinct told GRAB IT. Ok. And grabbed a bit of sleep too. It was good that I caught the seat since the bus was phenomenally over crowded from the bus stop of Kalyani Hospital till Saidapet. It would have been a harrowing experience otherwise to manage through that type of crowd.

To add more to the evening fun and frolic, the entire stretch from Nandanam Housing Board till Guindy through Saidapet, CIT Nagar, Little Mount were jam packed by slow moving vehicles since it was heavy traffic snarl. When I was in Saidapet, I flashed a SMS to my colleague that because of heavy traffic I might be delayed by another half an hour. Interestingly, it took more than one and half an hour to reach even that small stretch.

After the real adventerous journey, I alighted out of the bus at about quarter to eight and reached my workplace at about half past eight. It was really an interesting experience to Tiruvallikeni and I sincerely hope and submit the experience to the Lord that let this be a medical intake as a cure to the sins, which are currently hurdling some of my objectives.

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