Thursday, February 22, 2007

Crazy date of and Blogger

Crazy date of and Blogger

Looks like and/or Blogger have gone a bit crazy. This simple innocent post, appreciating Walgreens is debatedly delayed by these entities till now.

Perhaps, I guess the post might be bit large (?) and hence the SMTP session is taking a while.

Weird! And these are The Planet's Funniest Syndrome. What do you say?


Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,

This is Shriram and I am a regular visitor to ur blog. Nice to see ur blog updated and very very nice to see u in the US. Welcome here! I live and study at Cincinnati, Ohio. Would love to talk to u sometime.


Deepak Vasudevan said...

Hi Shriram,

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views. Send me your number to deepak.vasudevan (at) or send an email to this and I would send you my contact number.