Thursday, February 22, 2007

Excellent Enviable CustomerSatisfaction Measures at Walgreens

Excellent Enviable CustomerSatisfaction Measures at Walgreens

My current stay at Dallas and my neighbor is Walgreens. There are a lot of things I admire in Walgreens pharmacy. It brings the memories of Indian stores like Subiksha which has a humble start and brings goods at subsidised prices. The other good features I like with Walgreens are as follows:

  1. Round the clock services
  2. Neatly arranged and Ambient atmosphere for shopping with pleasure and at leisure.
  3. Customer Satisfaction Measures
    • They have a board that if no reciept for the purchase is issued, then USD 5 would be given to the customer on giving a complaint.
    • Walgreen Satisfaction Survey and USD 10000 Sweepstakes
    • Walgreen Satisfaction Survey over US TollFree 1-888-424-1018.

I am sure Walgreen should be a definitive guide for Indian entrepreneurs in ensuring the satisfaction of customers and thus minimizing the number of escalations and issues as we confront over here.

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