Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tax Assistance -- Good Chartered Accountants in Chennai

Tax Assistance -- Good Chartered Accountants in Chennai

It is almost now the taxing time for salaried class in India and particularly in Chennai. February and March, we would experience a good percentage of our monthly pay getting deducted as Tax unless we have carefully considered investment options for the financial year. Just last week, I completed the procedures for gathering all investment proofs, which we discussed here. My friend was actually asking me the other day for some good tax calculation help and just thought would give some pointers and rather share across the word in the weblog to faciltiate others through to get help from these chartered accountants and latter would get some business too.

Having been in Cybernet for a while, I came across this Chartered Accountants called Velu Muthu Associates, who are really very versatile and well-versed top to bottom and nook-and-corner of all taxation laws prevailing in India. The charges for tax assessment and filing of returns either each service and/or as a package is very nominal. I am sure you can also immensely benefit from their services in having best investment decisions for your career.

Please feel free to spread the word to your friends so that it would be of immense benefit to them and as well to the chartered accountants.

Note: I have just shared the information on a good information sharing gesture and not linked to the chartered accountants other than casually availing the service. Let us practice this. If you are satisfied with thier service, tell your friends so that they can benefit. If you find a flaw, let them know at info (at) so that they can implement corrective actions in thier processes.

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