Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An hour devoid of Electricity in Homestead Studio Suites, Dallas

An hour devoid of Electricity in Homestead Studio Suites, Dallas

The nation seems to have all high-tech instruments and gadgets for anything and everything -- all powered by electricity. I have also heard that unlike India, we do not have electricity shutdowns here. Even for a few minute power shutdowns, they give some week long notices, I guess. Today evening, when I returned from office and was cutting the vegetables for dinner and parallely listening to the Desi FM channel (Radio Salaam Namaste), the radio stopped all of a sudden. The powersupply had gone off totally. With no power, interestingly, even the little clock does not work leave alone the electric stove or the microoven.

When I called the FrontDesk, there was one desi guy only manning there. He too was rather anew and just getting accomodated to the new culture. He could gather some info that because of gale/tornado alerts, the power supply might have got stopped. There was no ETA on restoration of power either. I called my other colleague on a plan of action for dinner. We then decided to wait till about half past nine and if power doesn't come up, we would get some bites from some nearby restaurant. When I just peeped out of the room, it was raining too.

Interestingly, after a while at about 9 PM, the power supply got restored so we could resume on our cooking delights for the supper-show.

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