Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Interim Status Update

An Interim Status Update

After a two-month long hibernation thanks to Curving/Handicapping of Community-Credit, now comes the victory march again. You can find me listed on top of 'This month top honors' in A screenshot taken at June 14 2007 2345 hours has also been attached inline for readers quick reference over here.

There is another interesting update for today. Today, Superstar Rajinikanthi's Sivaji film is scheduled for release. It was slated to be released on June 15, 2007 but they are advancing the releases by a few hours and releasing the midnight of June 14, 2007 itself. I actually saw the various newspapers that have been hung around in the various stalls during my visit to the temple in the evening.

I hope and pray to Lord Almighty for the March to Victory to keep continuing and in His humble service. When I said March to Victory, it also implies about the Grand Prize winner of Community-Credit in March 2007.The month of March also witnessed and blessed me with the trip to Seattle Microsoft MVP Global Summit.

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