Friday, April 13, 2007

CommunityCredit Handicap -- Boon Or Bane

CommunityCredit Handicap -- Boon Or Bane

Community-Credit has of late brought in a new scheme called Community Credit Handicap which introduces a few measures so that winners of this month would get cutbacks in the score for the credits that they submit in the next month. The Handicap, as described in the website applies for one month only and the next following month, the user would be treated normally. You can find a complete description of this new feature in the following two URLs:

  1. A writeup on CC Handicap
  2. A discussion thread on CC Handicap

Since the points page didn't have any mention regarding the same, I was bit confused on why the points are not appearing till the CC Helpdesk clarified me with the abovesaid support URLs. Now, with reference to my Grand Prize Winning of the previous month, which I have shared the moments here, I personally feel that this is really a good stepping stone and an accelerator as on of the contributors (Lou Vega) has opined in the thread.

Again, I personally feel that once we win a laurel, there is nothing for us to wait and relax. There are more laurels to win and territories to conquer. I sincerely love Robert Frost in this direction:

The Woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

("Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening" -- Robert Frost)

I would also like to recall a similar emphasizing song from Padayappa where Tamil Nadu cine superstar Rajinikanth plays the lead role. There is a song like 'Vetrikodi Kattu. Thadaigalai Muttum Varai Muttu. Padaiyedu Padayappa.'. [Blow up the hurdles and conquer them till all the hurdles get defeated and run away.] There is one more lyric in the film (and I think it is part of the same song) 'Singa nadai pottu Sigarathil Eru. Sigarathai Adainthal Vanathil Eru'. [Keep marching majestically like a lion, the king of jungle and conquer top positions. Once you reach the top positions, look high up to fly high and conquer more.]

So I think the new concept of 'Point Handicap' that has been brought by Community-Credit is indeed a great welcome step to make us accelerate ourselves and steer forward with more vigor. Let us thank them for the novel slam and also wish them more success to create more successful Community-Credit network.

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