Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pleasant Ringtones to imply more productivity

Pleasant Ringtones to imply more productivity

Fancy ringtones have become so common nowadays with mushrooming of mobile phones. Along with ringtones, the other musical offering is HelloTunes where when you call a person, a musical note is offered instead of the traditional Tring Tring. We have been discussing whether this is a boon or bane sometime back over here.

Sometime back I preferred having Pattern.mid in my Nokia 6030. But I feel that most of these music make you only unduly tense. They offer momentary fun or joy but on the longrun peace of mind, I think these fail in thier task. Only a pleasant musical note can accomplish that effect. For that matter, when I referred Sathya to Umesh for getting the latter's academic project done, I was feeling that latter's mobile phone for unnecessarily giving a negative vibration. A kind of jolt and vibrating Tamil song used to play with the lyrics like ship is getting wrecked. I really wonder how come people become fond of such negative lyrics in thier ringtone.

I have currently changed my ringtone from these to a melodious Suprabatham. Thanks to Redhy Issac for sending me one instead of Hutch way of charging about ten bucks for ringtone messages to be sent across. Similarly, while calling the tour organizer at Velacherry, it used to give a pleasant Gayatri Mantram and Astaksha Mantram as a the Dialler Tune. I would say such pleasant ringtones and caller tunes greatly calm down the mind making us think positive and be more productive.

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