Saturday, June 23, 2007

Setback Pushed Off

Setback Pushed Off

I have been discussing Velacherry M. K. Raghavan ("Jai Shri Yatra Travels") regarding the various Sri Vaishnava pilgrimages that he had planned out for this quarter. He was also pleased to help me out with the brochures for sharing across with the readers for thier benefit so that interested pilgrims can participate in the pilgrimages.

While the brochures have been lying around with me for a while, either it is inertia (laziness or lethargy) or Bad Eye effect that we have been discussing around 'Winning Beyond the Bad Eyes' seemed to be a hurdle for a while. And again as a testimony to the post 'Winning Beyond the Bad Eyes', the backlog posts have been cleared and the publications have been released a few minutes ago. Simply put the setbacks have been pushed off and cleared off to eradicate and empty the disgusting and piling backlogs.

For those interested about the pilgrimages, you can check out my other weblog 'Sri Vaishnava Network' over here.

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