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Winning Beyond The Bad Eyes

Winning Beyond The Bad Eyes

A few days back we have been discussing about a little to more in-depth philolophical thought "Those who envy show themselves with a negative face". I have been recieving quite a number of email comments on the depth of the topic involved. I was particularly impressed by one particular reader who had expressed her personal experiences regarding bad eyes which cast an evil effect. We call this in Tamil has கண் திருஷ்டி. Inspite of the scientific ways that we can adopt as outlined in the then post, a few religious observations like this are also considered in reality. You would have seen even in temples after the God is taken out for procession and returns back to the temple, the priests make small colored rice bundles and throw it on all the sides to ward off any evil eye effects. For this matter, in Sri Vaishnavite temples, it is a custom that before the Lord goes on a procession, Sri Sudharshana is taken out first. It is believed that Sri Sudharshana (Sri Chakrathalwar) would clean up any negative forces on the procession route and make a best way for the Lord to undertake the procession.

I have some one another realtime illustration and touch yesterday which I would like to share with the readers.

Well! Yesterday I had a significant and important work to commit and complete. It was a significant assignment out of long time hardwork. The evil eyes, I guess, was really playing some Shakuni's Game. Inspite of the bus (51D) arriving prompty at the Rajakilpakkam bus stand and coming really fast, no sooner did it enter the Velacherry 100 Ft Road, it broke down. I just thought waiting at the island place of 100 feet road inhabited by only a few buses is not going to help. I just chose to walk off till Gurunanak College so that buses from Velachery can be taken. It was about a half-mile walk.  I don't think these paltry distances should bother us much right. We have already been experienced dealing big pie bad eyes and have ousted them from our ways successfully. This alongwith our Sabarimala pilgrimages should be lending us a greatest helping hands in undertaking long voyages without any demur of any sort.  Coming back to the discussion, even though it took about ten more minutes, I could manage off the show without any much heartburns of any kind or cadre. I am sure, till I was to reach, my Lord should have represented me in even the mundane tasks.  With evil eyes always in pursuit of thier goals blocking others and the Lord's power to slay them off, I would like to invite the reader to view the song of Sri Raghavendra, where even the river go away and give way to His devotee while He was reaching His Brindavanam. I would like to thank Rekha for hosting the song as a great service to His devotees.

Let us bring some humor touch to this. Both the parent and this post discuss about evil eyes and scientific/religious ways of confronting and solving the same. Now the basic symptom that the prankster, as we diagnose, would show his profuse sweating, inability to focus eye-to-eye. I think, we need to recommend these pranksters to Government of Tamil Nadu, since the previous Government successfully implemented the Rain Water Harvesting and this government can assemble all those pranksters and make them sweat into a huge vessel and these sweat can be diverted into the sea for Sea Water Harvesting. At least, though not practical, we can see that these evil pranksters can be made useful for mankind in some ways. Uh?


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