Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gramotsavam -- Afforestation Campaign by Isha Foundation

Heat waves continue to lash Chennai City

It is now October but still if you can little to more mercury soaring up making one feel exhausted and getting tired. Normally, the city would have heat waves only during the peak summer. Check out our other post here. But with the frequent deforestation and making city as a concrete jungles, it has become a hot oven almost throughout the year.

Gramotsavam -- Afforestation Campaign by Isha Foundation

At this time, we have to thank groups like Isha Foundation who make every effort to cultivate the habit of afforestation in India. Even now, they are planning out an afforestation programme called 'Gramotsavam', where they are initiating a campaign of planting 25 million trees too. Let us spread the word to other friends and relatives and support them in the unique innovative afforestation service to the nation.


Deepak said...


I appreciate that you have tried to highlight this. The afforestation program is 'Project Green Hands' and the website is

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thanks for dropping by and sharing your views.

It is very important that everyone understand the needs of afforestation. If everyone grows one tree in thier house, I think, the world would be really green and free of any pollution.