Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lord Puri Jagannath Website On The Web

Lord Puri Jagannath Website On The Web

While casually clicking through a few weblogs, I came across Gaurav's DotNetLover. He had mentioned about his friend's effort in bringing together a world-class website on Lord Puri Jagannath and host it over here.

I just thought I would like to share a few words on the website here:

  1. The webmaster says that it is his first Oriya website. I would hence appreciate him for his truly great devotion to the Lord and avid interest to bring out a very good informative website for the benefit of Lord's devotees across the globe.
  2. The author has also tried to provide good details about the various festivals, temple timings, deities and history of the temple.

I would also like to suggest the author to compile more info on the following topics:

  1. Transportation facilities from different places in India (like metropolitan cities in India, to start with) to Puri.
  2. The current year's temple calendar of various festivals.

I would say, this is a very good website that everyone should visit and it presents a unique experience of visiting Puri over the Internet.

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