Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mandala Makara Brahmotsavam at Madippakkam Sri Ayyappa Temple

Mandala Makara Brahmotsavam at Madippakkam Sri Ayyappa Temple

Today whilst visiting the Madippakkam Sri Ayyappa Temple to start the austerities towards the Sabarimala Pilgrimage, I also came to know of the Mandala Makara Brahmotsavam that they are planning to organize sometime between 17th November 2007 (Saturday Karthigai 1) to 26th November 2007 (Monday Karthigai 10). They have planned for special Abhishekams, Paraiyeduppu, Annadhanam, musical concerts and deity processions.

The organizers have prepared a pamplet and requested everyone to participate in the Brahmotsavam to get the blessings of the Lord. I just thought of sharing the information in the pamplet with other readers too.

Thanthiri Sri Sri Narayanan Bandarathil has kindly consented to supervise the Brahmatsavam celebrations.


  1. During the Mandala - Makara Brahmotsavam, one can remit an amount of INR 300 towards Daily Poojas.
  2. The Programme Schedule is as follows:
    1. 05.30: Ganapathi Homam
    2. From 17th November 2007 to 26th November 2007 at 0800 Paraiyeduppu: Those who are interested in participating in Paraiyeduppu should remit INR 50 in the Mandali office and register themselves. Either wheat or rice can be given in the Paraiyeduppu. The same can be given either in the temple or in thier homes.
  3. On 1st January 2008 (Tuesday) the organizers have planned for the following functions:
    1. Maha Annadanam
    2. Ekadina Laksharchanai
    3. 1800 hours: Kanakabhishekam for all the 18 steps.
  4. From 16th November 2007 to 29th November 2007:
    1. Daily 1830 Pushpabhishekam
    2. 2030 Padipooja

Important Tariffs:

  1. Laksharchanai: INR 25
  2. Paraiyeduppu: INR 50
  3. Padivillakku: INR 100
  4. Nithya Kattalai: INR 300
  5. Padi Poojai: INR 10000
  6. Pushpabhishekam: INR 3000

The most significant thing in Lord Ayyappa cult of worship is that irrespective of caste, creed, religion etc discrimination, we support Annadhanam. Hence devotees should come together to support Annadhanam either as items or money.

The organizers have given the following address for the monetary and other contributions to be sent:

The Secretary,
Sri Ayyappan Mandali,
Chennai -- 600 091.

Thirtieth Brahmotsavam and Grand Music Festival

  1. 17th November 2007 Saturday:
    1. 0750 Utsavam: Kodiyetram
    2. 1000 Parayeduppu Location: Ayyappa Nagar and Sannidhi Street
    3. 1830 Music Programme: Gadam Sri Suresh and Party (Thalavadhyam)
  2. 18th November 2007 Sunday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: Sabari Salai, Saraswathi Street, Balaiah Garden, Karthikeyapuram (Branch 1)
    2. 1830 Music Programme: Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Asthana Vidwan Sri B Umasankar (Vocal)
  3. 19th November 2007 Monday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: Raghava Nagar, Subramania Nagar, Sabhapathy Nagar
    2. 1830 Music Programme: Padmabhooshan Sri T. V. Sankaranarayanan (Vocal)
  4. 20th November 2007 Tuesday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: Balaji Nagar, Puzhithivakkam and Ullagaram
    2. 1830 Music Programme: Sri Veeramani Raju Party (Devotional Songs)
  5. 21st November 2007 Wednesday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: Senthooran Colony, VP I and II Street,
    2. 1300 Utsava Bali
    3. 1830 Music Programme: Sri Sriram Parthasarathy (Vocal)
  6. 22nd November 2007 Thursday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: Sathsangam Street, Gopal Street, Nehru Street, Karunanidhipuram
    2. 1830 Music Programme: Dr. N. Ramani (Flute)
  7. 23rd November 2007 Friday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: MMTC Colony, Kannan Nagar
    2. 1830 Music Programme: Sangeetha Kalarathnakara Mayavaram Sisters Thirumathy Uma Geeta (Vocal)
  8. 24th November 2007 Saturday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: Karthikeyapuram, Madippakkam Village
    2. 1830 Music Programme: Bhakthaswara Bhajan Mandali (Devotional Songs)
  9. 25th November 2007 Sunday:
    1. 0800 Parayeduppu Location: Iyyappan Koil Street, Manikandan Street, New Street, Alamelumangapuram, Ganesh Nagar
    2. 1830 Sri Lord Ayyappan Procession
    3. 2230 Pallivettai
  10. 26th November 2007 Monday:
    1. 0600 Palliyezhuchi
    2. 0900 Parayeduppu Location: Bharath Nagar, Ganga Nagar, Gokul Nagar
    3. 1700 Aarattu
    4. 1800 Kodiyirakkam
    5. 1830 Music Programme: Kumari B Suchitra (Vocal)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Deepak,

As usual, this year also there is an Ayyappan Bhajan at Kamarajar Hall on Dec 1st 2007 by Sri.Veeramani Raju. I used to regularly see your comments in this website every year hence wanted to personally invite you for attending the same.

Please write to me at if you need any more information.