Saturday, November 10, 2007

Most Hot Weather Conditions Prevailing in Chennai

Most Hot Weather Conditions Prevailing in Chennai

Normally during Diwali festival times, you can witness really pleasant showers and sometimes you would also have cyclonic storms that gets formed in Bay of Bengal resulting in heavy showers. But very interestingly this year, even after start of November, which marks the beginnering of North - East monsoon in Tamil Nadu, one can witness the following bad weather conditions:

  1. Acutely hot weather conditions like that in May
  2. Bad Climatic Transitions leading to frequent health downtime. Even myself I had been down with continuous common cold and fevers sometime during the third week of September to October.

I think it is high time that the Government stopped the proliferation of concrete jungle menace and started to support programmes like Gramotsavam, which would cool down the atmosphere and make the world a better peaceful place for the people to live in.

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