Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre Dawn to Post Dusk Fasting

Pre Dawn to Post Dusk Fasting

Yesterday (November 20) had been quite an interesting day. It had started to drizzle and then slowly catch up speed in raining in the morning. To escape being drenched I just thought I would start up a bit early to work. Towards this, I was planning to start a bit early and reached work at around eight o clock in the morning. I just thought I would have a quick bite breakfast. But since due to current austerities for Sabarimala being followed and due to other 'busy schedules', I just forgot it.

Somehow managed till 1400 hours (Lunch). There were some important persons to meet as visitors, which filled the Lunch session. With other schedules occupying the schedules, when the clock struck 2300 hours, the hunger helpline got activated by my mind too.

When I actually took my food for November 20, the calendar indicated it was November 21, 2007 01:10:23. So all through the entire day, just but liquid food kept going.

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