Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Tragic Prathiba -- II

The Tragic Prathiba -- II

The atrocities against female employees working in ITES like BPOs seems to be back in full vigor, with the national cops in deep slumber. In a gruesome spine-chilling incident again a twenty-two year old BPO employee (Jyothi Chaudhury) was raped and murdered by a cab driver while she was on her duty on Friday night. She has actually resigned from the services and the journey which she hoped was the last journey to her office turned to be fatal last journey for her on the earth.

Similar to Prathiba's incident, since the other pickups didn't turn up, Jyothi was driven alone by the cab driver and his accomplice to a secluded spot where she was made to satisfy thier bestial instincts, her face defaced with a stone and crushed to death. Check out the Economic Times narration here.

A few of the questions have gone simply unnoticed or just 'buried' deep in this incident:

  1. Unlike the HP-employee (Prathiba Srikanth) incident which drew a good widesome attention and alerts all over the nation, the current Wipro BPO-employee (Jyothi Chaudhury) was just covered briefly only by CNN-IBN. A couple of newspapers just mentioned it as a small news.
  2. Going by "The Economic Times" narration, there have been good amount of gross security overlook in this incident.
    1. "No First Pickup or Last Drop of Female Employees"
    2. Compulsory Rosters for Every Cab
    3. Security Education for all Employees Travelling Late Night

With the Government busy in having its childish amateurish fights with Leftists on trivial issues and strenghtening its vote bank, would it ever have time for the following?

  1. Waking up the Police force from its deep slumber.
  2. Reinstate Internal Security to full vigor and Instil Confidence in the minds of people.

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