Saturday, December 15, 2007

Get Payments from those who Scoff at!

Get Payments from those who Scoff at!
Following up our discussion on the societal malady that a few people nurture sadistic pleasures in passing circastic comments on others deriving pleasures and satisfying their bestial instincts in that way, we outlined a solution of making them donate a few bucks which we can channelise for the upliftment of the society.
I just thought instead of putting the noble thought to slumber, let me roll out an implementation quickly. The following are the first-cut implementation of the same:
Readers: What do you feel? Aren't we more socially concerned now? This is just a very small pebble to lay foundation towards Rama Rajya but in the story of Ramayana, which praises the efforts of little squirrels which have also helped in the construction of the great Sethu Samudram Bridge. Even when the little tender squirrel is helping the Lord, shouldn't we also be more service to the Lord?
I am intending to update the spreadsheet with the donors (subject to thier permissions). So no more worry about people laughing at us for useless things.  We are more socially concerned to help the downtrodden.
Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa!!

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate your move. It may look difficult to implement but you will succeed eventually.

My best of luck to you


Deepak Vasudevan said...

Wow! That's pretty fast comment. Thank you, Joseph for supporting in the social concern movement.

My basic mental idea is that "At any point of time, we should not mentally disturb others. If at all, if there is an occasion comes like that, let us move off from that location".

Anonymous said...

Very interesting innovative idea. But I am not sure we are such a open society that people would come and admit their mistakes. More than them admitting, I am not sure if the mistake is even realised by them. Lets see how it goes. My Wishes with you.

Deepak Vasudevan said...


I agree with you that the offenders would still reel under an acute ego problem which would prevent them from accepting their menace. But the fun is to make them accept to realise their folly and crawl at thier knees as a token of 'repentance'.

There was one movie called 'Madurae' (மதுர) in which Vijay is the lead star. He would take the role of a collector of Madurai district where an underworld Mafia called KTR used to strike terrors on anyone. In one particular raid occasion, when reporters asked whether KTR is going to become quiet by the high-handed legal restrictions that is being brought by him, Vijay would say "He (KTR) has to be law-abiding. Till that point of time, his iron-hand operations would continue". The reporter would again ask him "Whether this is a warning to KTR (இது KTRக்கு எச்சரிக்கையா?)". For this, Vijay would reply, "No. This is a command" (இல்லை. இது கட்டளை. கட்டளை).

Quite similar to this, the pranksters must be made to realise thier folly.