Saturday, December 15, 2007

Scoffing At? Why Can't They Donate a Dime?

Scoffing At? Why Can't They Donate a Dime?
Sometime back I had given a good comprehensive case study on the topic on 'How to deal with people who envy your progress?'. I had been receiving steadfast feedback and appreciation from diversified quarters of readers on the case study. One of the HR personnel hailing from a software company in Pune actually appreciated the post and she was actually supporting the 3 steps that I had mentioned which would be instrumental in shoo-shooing away the prankster who envies you.
After a week-long foray of incidents which I am personally exposed to, thanks to a humorous set of folks who keep always envying against me or scoffing at, I just wanted to thank them for being instrumental in writing this post and also to enhance my case-study with one more solution in dealing with the menace. In this solution, not only the menace is dealt with but really really in a very colorful way.
This topic is little sensitive. A few people may think that instead of making the victim more fragile and succumb to more scoffing, we should empower him by raising against the prankster. But I sincerely feel that that does not help the matter. The prankster derives sadistic pleasures because of one or more of the following factors in favor of him:
  1. Political Power
  2. Muscular Power (of him or his close circle proximity neighbors. He might be practicising a kind of dadagiri (bully) against everyone because of that).
  3. Money Power (He might be having good potential money power overflowing in his Debit/Credit card wallet to its brim and hence does not know how to spend and enjoy his lifetime exorbitantly and lavishly.
By rising against him, it only presents a situation of hostile environment damaging the peace and tranquility of the environment. I used to wonder about God's creation in this regard. How has He created people who derive sadistic pleasures by laughing at others? But then when this new concept struck my mind, I really thanked the Lord Almighty for even making a good benefit of those jerks to fruitful means. No wonder there is a very proven Tamil proverb ("சிறு துரும்பும் பல் குத்த உதவும்"), which means even a little stick is useful for cleansing up the dentures particularly for non-vegetarian people after a good meal.
Well. I would just like to delve deep into the concept of making even sadists to be society-friendly. After all, the whole-purpose of sadists is that they want to derive pleasures to satisfy the bestial instincts by tormenting others. Well! And nothing comes free in the world. How about levying them a small service fee which in turn actually goes to the benefit of society itself.
To explain about modus operandi of this thought process, I am trying to visualize this way.
"If X is unduly laughing at Y, Y need not suffer mentally. The agonies that Y undergoes because of X should be actually converted (or typecasted in technical terms like in C#) as hardwork for the society. Since X has used the services of Y in some form or other, he has to pay for it. So, Y should prepare an invoice and send the same to X. It would be appreciated if Y is proactively exposing a good channel that accepts automatic payments from X or X is prompt in responding to invoices sent by Y".
Currently I have the following observations with respect to this new social service scheme:
  1. The method by itself depends on X and Y being proactive. I am totally dismissing any other bias of any kind without any preconceived notions or prejudices that may exist at all between them. The only underlying idea is to use the scoffing itself as a vehicle for social activities. If X derives sadistic pleasures, then he is obliged to compensate Y
  2. If you ask me, I can even show my gratitude by having a hosted spreadsheet kind of, thanks to Zoho Sheet, which would indicate the person name and the amount he donated for his sadistic deal offering. That would also indicate a sign of gratitude from the victim to the sadist. In a way, I am trying to stick on to this 'New Testament Saying' that if some slaps you, don't attack him; rather show him your other cheek to slap too.

    Of course, as always exists, some donors and service-seekers would feel to remain in anonymity. We need to respect their privacy and should mask their names from being listed in our hosted donor-spreadsheets.
  3. Taking it one way further, I am actually thinking that such donations which are recieved should be separately maintained in a bank account. The victim can take the responsibility of preparing a list of social events that need monetary support and assistance. A few venues that are open are:
    1. Temples in remote villages which are suffering from resource shortage.
    2. Orphanages, Old Age homes and Rehabilitation Homes for Destitute.
  4. There might be truant service-seekers who might consume services but reluctant to pay. Here comes a different legal battle to play against, as always the case everywhere else. Since the service-seeker is well-known, I think, we can try contacting their near authorities to get the payments materialized. Perhaps, I wish, as time progresses, this also gets streamlined by the Governments to make more friendly society for the people to live in -- a humble step towards Rama Rajya.
Readers: What do you feel about this approach to deal with people who derive sadistic pleasures in laughing at others in thier quench to satisfy thier bestial instincts. Let me know your views/comments/suggestions so that we can try to incorporate the same for the benefit of the society that we live in.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you are affected by some recent activities. The article is interesting and it should reach those guys who do that. But in this mad world you will find such people always. Just don't adhere to those and you keep going. When you start reacting to it you would be encouraging them. Some people will never change themselves.

Deepak Vasudevan said...


Thank you for dropping by and sharing your views. I admit your statements "When you start reacting to it you would be encouraging them. Some people will never change themselves" completely. There is a well-known saying in Tamil "A dog's tail can not be straightened" (நாய் வாலை நிமிர்த்த முடியாது).

And regarding your statement "Looks like you are affected by some recent activities.", my comments are as follows:

What I really wonder is about how some people's attitude are base, mean, dastardly, cheap and shameless.

I am not even least bothered about them or a few of the nuts in their gibberish chain. I even don't allow to my close circles lest they don't leave any stone unturned in thier ventures and endeavors of jeopardising our mental tranquility.

But anyway to take it in the optimistic fashion, they don't fail to serve us as 'a guinea pig' for our experimentations and exercises that we have been outlining. Isn't it?