Sunday, January 27, 2008

Indian Railways -- Getting More Secure

Indian Railways -- Getting More Secure

Indian Railways are said to be the largest employers and one of the world's biggest enterprises. We would need to proud to have such a big entity in our motherland and should sincerely thank Lord Dalhousie (who is being rightly revered as 'Father of Indian Railways') for bringing this marvelous public commuting system to India when Britishers ruled us. It is most economical and comfortabe transporation system. The only concern currently in Indian Railways is an amicable security cover for the passengers through out the journey. There exists three modes of transport between the cities:

  1. Buses
  2. Railways
  3. Airways
A flight between the two cities is just about 35 minutes maximum but costs not less than INR 3000. It is extremely safe and secure journey but is simply out of reach for normal use, unless there is an urgency or someone is sponsoring us. Buses are good as long as there are no political riots anywhere. At least for women passengers, Indian Railways have a separate coach for them.
Now to extend this security coverage and enhance the security of passengers, I came across from a newspaper that they have brought in a helpline mobile number (+919962500500) calling which a Railway Protection Force (RPF) would immediately come to your rescue and services.

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Deepak Vasudevan said...

I also came across two numbers displayed in Tambaram Railway Station which are as follows:

1) 94447 88124
2) 94447 88125

You can call these numbers when you see some Railway staff asking for illegal gratifications such as bribe. These are the numbers of Railway Vigilance staff.