Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some interesting recipes to relish in Chennai

Some interesting recipes in Chennai

I have been thinking of sharing this for a while but just took some time to confirm the latest updates with the service providers. I am sure, in Chennai it would be nightmarish now to drive and we soon become very tired. There are two good restaurants in the West End of Chennai and East End of Chennai. They are just ordinary restaurants and not categorized as star so don't worry about pricking your wallet. Remember that we just discussed about 'The value of every 'Penny' sometime back very recently.

The two interesting recipes that I wanted to share was:

  1. Thoothukudi Parota
  2. Kanchipuram Idli
Thoothukudi Parota:

This is a very interesting recipe that is available in Bhat's Bhojan at Tambaram. It is just priced at about half a dollar (20 INR now). Thoothukudi is the tamil name of Tuticorin, an important harbour town of Tamil Nadu near Kaniyakumari (Cape Comorin). The another interesting recipe of Bhat's Bhojan is the hot Sambar Idli which you can be confident to get from 7 AM to 11 PM for a little price of INR 10 (quarter dollar).

Kanchipuram Idli:

This is a very interesting recipe that is available at Hotel Sri Krishna Bhavan near Tiruvallikeni Parthasarathy temple. It is a little restaurant but is very innovative in bringing new dishes every day. Most of them are like innovative south Indian dishes. Kanchipuram is a little town near Chennai and the Kanchipuram Idli would be something like a hot stuffed puffs or a little bigger than that. The other interesting dishes of this restaurant are:
  1. Adai Aviyal
  2. Mini Idli


Anonymous said...

Tomato Uthapam:
Mushroom Uthapam:

Yesterday I had a visit to Velachery Maruthi Bhavan. It is relatively small restaurant but maintains a good ambience. Two interesting dishes were:

1) Tomato Uthapam
2) Mushroom Uthapam

While Tomato Uthapam is charged around INR 22, MushRoom Uthapam is charged around INR 28.

Masala Uthapam:

The Saturday Relish of Uthapam fondly recalled me of another Uthapam speciality at 'Taj Chat House', Irving, TX. I have blogged about it over here.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

I saw one more dish in Bhats Bhojan, Tambaram during my Melmaruvathur trip recently. The dish was Ceylon Parota. I have not still ordered and tried it but just sharing it since it is something new.