Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday Temple Visits for this and coming week advanced to Wednesday

Thursday Temple Visits for this and coming week advanced to Wednesday

This week and next Thursday visit to Thiruvallikeni temple has been advanced by a day to Wednesday. But why? The following are some of the reasons, that I had to make this schedule:

  1. Today is Ratha Sapthami day. This is considered very holy. The sun switches over from the zodiac sign Simha Rasi to Makara Rasi on this `Magha Suddha Sapthami' day. You can check out the details over here.
  2. I just observe every Thursday that sometimes because of bad eyes either the weekly schedule gets disturbed or unnecessarily delayed. For a couple of weeks, to break the monotony and also to break the malefic effects of ill-willed persons, I felt that this change be incorporated.
  3. To visit Thirukkostiyur Masi Teppam at Sri Sowmya Narayana Perumal temple which is scheduled on 21st of this month.
  4. A most-possible plan of visit of a few friends tomorrow or any other temple tomorrow.
  5. Retaliation to Ghost Attack: I have been having two nightmarish dreams yesterday and day before which are also accompanied by two accidents during home return yesterday and day before while travelling from work to home late night. The temple visit also would be towards addressing this too.
    1. Day before yesterday, the cab I was travelling had a violent turbulent overturn near Pallikaranai which was not expected since the roads are clean and perfectly laid out now.
    2. Yesterday, my cab had a narrow escape from a violently driven Tata Indica car near Velachery Vijayanagar bus stop.
    3. Last Friday, I saw two women walking at 00:00 hours (Saturday) from the back street of my house. When my car turned that street and reached my house, the same women could be sighted near the next street. I don't believe these ghosts per se. But going by the thing of incidents that happening, I think instead of making scientific debates, let me visit a temple to get things rectified at an earliest.
    4. My sincere thanks to my Lord Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa for blowing off the lurking perils off from my way.

I am not interested to start a debate on ghosts in this post. I just wanted to clarify the point of a belief I had taken due to a sudden turn of incidents this week and rectification-cum-correction procedures, I am incorporating thereto.

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