Monday, February 11, 2008

A Sumptous Dinner -- After DayLong Hunger

A Sumptous Dinner -- After DayLong Hunger

In the morning I started a bit early since I had some quick driving classes. Hope you would have actually enjoyed my first learning over there. Since it was quite early, I had to skip my breakfast and start off. During the day besides stringent schedules, I had two more responsibilities that interfered:

1) A call from my home loan crediting institution to get the updated passbook and other statements.
2) A call from my personal banker regarding an earlier report about an erring lethargic Term Deposit officer.

To address these issues, I had to use my lunch hour without disturbing my other schedules. When I reached back, it was about 1530 hours. So I had abandoned the lunch. The hunger started to hit after an hour. I was just managing for a few hours. When the dinner time came, I had visit the restaurant for a full meal. Thanks to the Lord, after the daylong hunger, the food was really good. I had some light common cold and the Lord had also blessed with the following dishes:

1) Sundakkai Sambar
2) Potato
3) Some Good Dhal

That made pretty good dinner to focus on rest of the work and relax after an acute mental stress plus stringent schedules.

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