Monday, June 02, 2008

The Big List of Departures...

The Big List of Departures...

This month seemed to be a long list of departures and farewells in my close friend's circle. A few of them are:

  1. Resignation of Santosh Kumar Sinha from Siemens, Bangalore to a small organization in Hyderabad.
  2. Resignation of Redhy Palakatil Issac to a small organization based in Egmore, Chennai

When Santosh flashed a text message to me besides sending an email informing of his last day at Siemens, I called him and verified whether he was serious or just cracking another joke. For some reason, I have been not able to convince Santosh to bring a state of stable mind for him. We would normally be advised that wavering mind is always considered bad. While my ex-colleague (Santosh Kumar Sinha) has a good cordial nature, versatile technical skills but this one downside of him seems to be paining my heart like anything. In one way, I feel bad in that whether I am not able to properly correct him or convince him as a friend on making him think logically and also to stick to a firm decision. But in the other direction, I just felt that if this is going carcinogenic, then I ought to restrict the amount of relationship or close proximity with him and make it more formal else I am afraid that this weakness would cling on to me.

A week later, my other colleague (Redhy Palakatil Issac) told me that he is joining a small organization in Egmore. I know Redhy for about three to four years. Some of the good things about this guy are:

  1. Good focus towards work on hand.
  2. Hardworking. I have seen this guy struggle odd hours to get his tasks completed.
  3. Friendly. Whenever we find a lot of time during weekends and when the work was sparse, we used to visit a lot of temples.
  4. Unlike other spendthrift personnel of this age, this noble soul had very much responsible and committed goals towards his family:
    1. In his tender-age, he supports his father and also took credits from bank for his sister's wedding.
    2. I really salute him when he was so happy to open an account in State Bank of Travancore and used for his small savings. The current day trend of swiping the debit card for mundane worldly purchases is clearly missing from him and he is for sure, a very good role model for anyone of any age to emulate and follow.
  5. Nonchalant of disturbances in the environment. I have never seen him carried over by worldly disturbances in his environment hampering his work productivity. I really feel that we have to learn this from him.

These two departures have a mixed impact to anyone in our circle. The former representation keeps getting disturbed and jumps from place to place at even a sneeze or a whistle while the latter has a good calm and poised mental collection to deal the problem so very amicably.

Let us wish them anyway good success in their future endeavors.

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