Friday, June 06, 2008

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Recall of Takewing (3rdAgenda Parent Company) Colleagues

Evergreen Memories (Album Collection) :: Recall of Takewing (3rdAgenda Parent Company) Colleagues

A while back, one of my previous company (3rdAgenda -- Agenda Netmarketing P Ltd) CTO (Rajendran Dandapani) sent out a fond "Recall your memory" snap. He also opened up a small quiz on how many of us could guess and recall the names of the persons. Our web development company (3rdAgenda) was actually child of Takewing, which is an advertising company. Later, 3rdAgenda was acquired by SSI Technologies. I don't think either SSI or 3rdAgenda exists now since search engines don't show up anything.

Thanks to Rajendran for bringing up the YahooGroups which serves as a very good discussion platform amongst the Ex-3rdAgenda colleagues. The original quiz thread is here. I could guess the following persons:

  1. Ganesh Mandalam (CEO of 3rdAgenda)

  2. Makesh (Design and Creative Head)

  3. Raja Seetharaman (He managed the finance and other sections for both Takewing and her kid (3rdAgenda))

  4. Latha (Takewing Employee)

  5. Vidya (Takewing Employee)

Life at 3rdAgenda is always an evergreen thing in memory. I joined 3rdAgenda after college referred from a newspaper advertisement. I fondly recall about the recruitment process that was followed: Three rounds of tests and then a personal discussion. Rajendran was so polite. Instead of just looking at dumb questions, he could analyse and get the real skills required and the aptitude of the candidate.

Rajendran used to give me a lot of advise on having the communication skills fine tuned. Besides, he also would organize 'Points scheme' to enhance the performance of employees. What I could recall from the 'Points Scheme' is here:

  1. Publishing of article in various magazines/websites

  2. Experts-Exchange Points

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