Saturday, June 07, 2008

Satisfying (y)our aspirations for gold jewellery

Satisfying (y)our aspirations for gold jewellery

Everyone loves jewellery. And the most cutest of the jewellery items are Silver, Gold, Diamond. These days there are also advertisements for Platinum jewellery all over the city. If you watch attentively the Tamil news channels from 1800 hours to 2100 hours, there is a section dedicated to 'Business News' and they have the following announcements in it:

  1. Gold/Silver Prices
  2. Foriegn Exchange Rates
And these days, Gold has been most dear that we can not just walk into a jewellery showroom and purchase it. There should be a definite plan to purchase gold jewellery. A quick research on the jewellery showrooms in Chennai revealed that they all have good 'Small Savings Programme' where you pay a small amount every month to them. They maintain a passbook similar to bank passbook and give you. After paying for a stipulated period, they give you some interest for the maturity amount along with some incentive. But be careful regarding the showroom or shop you are dealing with. Chennai has some notorious fly-by-night shops too which take your money and runaway. You know of the latest GoldQuest scam right?

I just thought I would compile a few traditional jewellery shops that offer this type of Small Savings for Jewellery. They are:

  1. Saravana Stores Jewellery
  2. GRT Jewels
  3. Balu Jewellers
Perhaps if you know other trusted jewellery showroom, please share them as comments for the benefit of other readers.

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