Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hot Hot Summer in Dallas

Hot Hot Summer in Dallas

Hope you would have read my Chennai - Dallas trip over here. Today being weekend Saturday, I was just casually sitting down and writing about my travel experience and also about my quick jottings and observations here.

A few of the quick jottings are:

  1. During my first visit, I started in February (Winter) and was till May (start of summer) and while during this visit, I would be in Summer till start of winter. The state of Texas is considered a little warmer state and the summer seems to be little hot. You can not afford to go for a casual stroll during an afternoon even for a quick byte that easily.
  2. I also observed that traffic in North MacArthur seems to be really on a very high compared to my previous visit.

Perhaps more to share over the period of time. Stay Tuned!

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