Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oh My! Where is my Pressure Cooker?

Oh My! Where is my Pressure Cooker?

When you stay away from home, it isn't a pressing task to manage through the managing tasks yourselves. Neither it isn't a big deal to take upon the responsibilities on your shoulder and deliver them impeccably. Rather, on a positive perspective, this hones your soft skills significantly. However, when it comes to aftermath maintanence of each task, it does sound a little stress though for anyone. For example, cooking food is not a big deal however, after cooking, having the vessels cleaned impeccably and keeping it ready for the next session would be one task that I have heard people wear a sulkier face.

In a similar vien, yesterday after I cooked my food, I had put the pressure cooker into the kitchen sink in my suite scheduling a cleanup sometime today. Today, I got up late anyway, by virtue of being a Sunday. The routine room service got completed. When I was searching for the pressure cooker during lunch, it was missing from the sink. I was surprised. While I was searching it, there was a little quick thought that struck me to see if something was there in the dish washer. But since I haven't used this automated utility earlier, I could not decipher how to open that. I called Front Desk and after getting the guidance, when I tried to open, all vessels were impeccably cleaned.

Just thought I would share this little experience with Marriot Residence Inn that the housekeeping services does not stop with just cleaning the suites and replacing the linen. When I again slowly running through the manual pages, this was also mentioned that if the suite attendant comes across any items in the sink, they would rotate them through the dishwasher. Perhaps other hotels too should try emulating this too which would enhance user stay experience with them.

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