Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Quickest Cost-Effective Relaxation in Irving, Texas

The Quickest Cost-Effective Relaxation in Irving, Texas

Be it the previous year trip or the current travel, I have one observation. We have a cute little park called 'Thomas Jefferson Park' at the traffic lights intersection of Meadow Creek, North MacArthur and Hidden Ridge (typically located at 1201, Hidden Ridge Road) as outlined over here. Perhaps, I could recall that during my first visit, we had a number of photographs taken around this park too along with my the then colleague (Muthu Rajesh).

This park is also refreshing for us in a very large number of ways:

  1. Quick cricket or other play activity. Of course, I admit, that during the current summer month (hot season) this might not be feasible.
  2. On a short business assignment, it is not always possible to have a dedicated car being rented out nor affordable to hire a taxi for every down the lane travel. So the only refreshing alternative that we have on hand is this cute little park.
  3. This park also bridges the distance for us to our motherland (India). Since there are a number of Indians staying around in the vicinity with families, they get to assemble here for evening walk or a casual stroll during early mornings. I would also like to recall my earlier post on here in this context.

A few of my friends have also given a good Indian nickname for this park as 'Gandhi Park'.

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