Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sri Jayanthi Celebrations from Irving, Tx

Sri Jayanthi Celebrations from Irving, Tx

As I have posted about Sri Krishna Jayanthi celebrations, I have tried to have the celebrations at least in a small scale in my suite with a couple of prayers for my Lord. It is customary always to visit Guruvayoor (dedicated to Lord Krishna) en route Sabarimala and hence this time, I had my celebrations towards my Ayyappa.

I would also like to share a few snaps that were taken towards this occasion.


Windows Live Spaces

Many sincere thanks to the following for helping me in the Sri Jayanthi celebrations:

  1. Marriot for Apples
  2. Schepps Diary for the Sweet Delicious milk
  3. BlueBell Icecream
  4. My cute little HP laptop for being the priest in chanting the slokas during the pooja.

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