Sunday, September 14, 2008

A 30-Minute watch of 'Maja' Tamil Film

A 30-Minute watch of 'Maja' Tamil Film

Given the quality of tamil movies that get produced now, I seldom watch movies nowadays. Today, whilst chatting with my colleague, I had a chance to watch Maja Tamil film from his personal copy.

It was almost the closing section of the movie. While it is a same kind of triangular love story as with other Tamil films, there are some good points that apply to reality which can be inferred from the film. They are:

  1. The amount of sabotage; the uncontrolled avarice and lust can wreck on the mankind.
  2. With respect to people involving in (1), even when they are in closer circles, we ought to exercise greater vigil in their activities instead of blindly trusting them. This moral is also conveyed in Avvai Shanmughi (Chachi 420 -- Hindi version). The housemaid would do all sorts of kitchen-lifting which no one could spot. The newly recruited Avvai Shanmughi would find this, record everything to a video and then bring the crime to limelight.

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