Sunday, February 21, 2010

Distressful effects of stress

Distressful effects of stress

This week headlines of every leading newspaper had been seeing three to four top news about people taking extreme steps just because of stress created either by their immediate family or because of societal impacts. This can be considered as a part II read of our earlier post "Uncontrolled Anger -- Salient Example in Mumbai". Some of the recent incidents are:

  1. When tax rage goes over the edge ...[The Austin Tragedy]
  2. Depressed youth fires for about 36 hours in Lucknow.
  3. Senior leader of TN CPM (W R Varadarajan) goes missing.
  4. Former Defence Minister (George Fernandez) goes missing.

I just thought of sharing a few recent incidents of the previous week which demonstrated the malefic effects of stress, created either from their personal or professional quarters. The need of the hour for everyone is to identify the mischief-mongers in their own society and to keep them aloof.

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