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Uncontrolled Anger -- Salient Example in Mumbai

Uncontrolled Anger -- Salient Example in Mumbai
The shooting of Pramod Mahajan by his youngest brother Praveen Mahajan seems to a succinct evidence of an incident that stands testimony of uncontrolled and outburst of anger.   The reasons of the shooting are rather trivia. Neither was the any property dispute. Nor was any power or prowess problem since everyone in his family has been more stable and kind of well settled.
It was a sheer discomfort that Praveen had been nurturing that Pramod was tendering a step-motherly treatment to him, in that no proper personal care, avoidance of family functions. Perhaps this was because Praveen has been sans parents since the tender age and hence it might have been developed as a mental block for him.
It is a shame on part of Pramod's lawyer to unduly interfere and comment on Praveen that the latter was suffering from psycho disorders and hence his mental condition was not stable. I don't think Pramod himself would support that, since Praveen, as the news sources say, has been nurtured as a kid by Pramod. 
Praveen seems to be repenting now as the current NDTV channels declare and show him on the TV screens. And I think Nature is kind enough to stop the bleedings of Pramod and put him on the path of normalcy and recovery. We, the readers too, would take a moment, in submitting our prayers to the Lord Almighty that this kind soul should recover since otherwise, the only on-par paternal affection that Praveen has been recieving would be lost for him, just because of sheer loss of his temper for mundane reasons.
At the same time, I think, this is the good lesson Praveen-Pramod melodrama has staged to all of us.  That anger is sheer momentary whilst its effects reverberate with more magnitude on many. 
With the anger, lust and greed fostering and nurturing within one's self, I think, the human mind would be the most coveted and enviable treasury of shit in the entire universe (called as Prabhanjam in Sanskrit).
Here is a description from Srimad Bhagavad Gita on the corrosive anger, uncontrolled, unwarranted and illegitimate sexual passion or desire, shortly called as lust and the most erosive greed:
As a reader, we would think of Varanasi and assume you are in Kasi for this moment. Now, any one who goes to Kasi normally are configured and advised that they should renunciate something, as a token of recognizing the Lord and His prowess and potential.  Now, as I said in the previous line, we are virtually in Varanasi for a change and for that sake, we can swear to renunciate this trio (Anger-Lust-Greed). It aint' impossible and rather, we have scores of us, among us who are noble without any ego problem.  Once we swear this, let us pray Lord so that the noble soul is also saved or at least Praveen is pardoned for his temporary outburst of temper.
At this juncture, I would like to recall how music lends a helping hand in controlling this anger, lust and greed -- the most stupidest of the trio in the universe. If you have seen Sindhu Bhairavi, there is a song called 'Moham ennum...' which KJ sings on behalf of JKB when he is severly disturbed by the trio (greed of fame, lust with Sindhu and anger with Bhairavi). Here is the lyrics of the same: and play URL.  And he surrenders the entire trio to the Lord and he is more happy thereafter. Once he surrendered, the trio, which ruled him departed him, gifting him an offspring at the climax of the story. I don't KB (K Balachandar) has just fabricated a story but a life bible in the form of Sindhu Bhairavi, under the banner of Kavithalaya.


Anonymous said...

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Deepak Vasudevan said...


I was about to add this, as a followup comment following the latest updates on NDTV and AajTak. Thanks for complimenting my efforts in bringing out the URL for the benefit of information sharing with other readers.

However, be it lust or greed or anger, the bottomline that these trio need to be controlled and conquered for the betterment of mankind, human welfare and global progress of the universe and the thought of which remains undebated.

Mumbai, is rightly called as 'Gateway of India'. With the serial blasts sometime in 1993, the larger operations of underworld dons have been uncovered. It rightly now focuses some spiritual thoughts for us to learn from and uplift ourself.

We can fondly recall the film caption 'Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan' and rightly Mumbai is our most favorite city economy-wise and spirtiual-wise too.

Thanks for your comment, information-packed at the right moment.

Anonymous said...

hello deepak,

nicely xplained abt d impact of anger, lust, greed iting xample of SindhuBhairavi.. Music n Time will always be d healers.. hope ppl who visit ur blog understand d effects of d three above mentioned asura gunangal, pin thangaladhu vaazhvai menmaipaduthiklovaraaga