Sunday, February 21, 2010

An interesting prankster that attempted to demoralize but eventually contributed thoughtful ideas ...

An interesting prankster that attempted to demoralize but eventually contributed thoughtful ideas ...

There was one interesting spam comment in my post "Blood Donation -- Do's and Don'ts" which I have shared below as a picture.

No doubt that this spammer should should be suffering from sort of psychic trouble and hence trying to discourage others from helping the community. Nevertheless, I just thought I would siphon out a few good thoughts lying latent inside his own gibberish crap:

"deepak don't post any unwanted information. the information which you are posting is very old and not informational. so dont waste others time and make others to read your blog. if you don't have work keep quiet."

  1. The spammer lost his sense in sharing out the comment in the right place. He should have used the the contact information from the profile section of my weblog to intimate me this more general thought or at least he if feels that what he posts was in the same context of the post on which he scribbled, he should have been more succinctly clear and justified what is not befitting the context.
  2. By hiding himself as 'Anonymous' whilst sharing the view, he demonstrates a lack of courage and his timidity (or shows up his temerity :)) in scribbling such a crap.
  3. There is nothing called 'unwanted information'. In computing terminology, there are two things:
    1. Data -- Unprocessed Raw Inputs
    2. Information -- Processed Data (after applying proper business logics)
  4. The spammer brands the posting as very old whereas he seems to have forgotten that there is a proven saying 'Old is Gold'. He adds that the message was not informational whereas every NGO across each and every city are striving their level best putting in their heart and soul to bring out the importance of blood donation and citing these dos and donts to the people to bring up more awareness. What we need now is an increased awareness of blood donation amongst our masses.
  5. The fifth and concluding point of his view makes me ROTFL. It just demonstrates that the spammer has gone to the extreme of his hysteria and burst out with this view.
  6. Precisely, even this spam comment has justified another tamil saying that ' சிறு துரும்பும் பல் குத்த உதவும்' (even a small stick can be used to clean up the dentures after a sumptuous non-veg meal) and even this disgusting skunky spammer has proved that he has been instrumental in a more indepth analysis of various thoughts through his scribble.

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