Friday, September 10, 2010

Baana Kaaththadi -- A film packed with morals

Baana Kaaththadi -- A film packed with morals

I was watching the movie Baana Kaathadi today which was starred by Atharva (debut), son of (Late) Murali, the famous Kollywood actor. Though at the broad view it resembles a movie without a deeper story line on the contrary it is otherwise. A few of the observations I would like to share it under:

The way the observations and morals mentioned here might be little bitter or rather more bitter than a bitterguard. Nevertheless let me also share that a bitter-guard is good for health and elixirs were (are) never sweeter either.

  1. Not to judge the people immediately on the first sight. This is applicable to our female fraternity very much. They are carried over by infatuation with false and fake personality who are then driven upto and beyond carrying or miscarriages and sometimes that makes them to succumb to and people need to carry them to their eternal rest place.
  2. The cops as usual demonstrate their callousness in just filling up their FIR books with fake records leaving the criminals high and open in the air.
  3. The cops shoulder, shelter and support criminals and crime to the most possible and greatest extent and in the process of demonstrating the mean and baseless misdemeanor they attempt to strengthen their wallet. We did recently see what the cops normally resort to over here.
  4. When one supports or endorses evil without nipping in the bud that is sure to eliminate its host too. This is succinctly evident from the climax of the movie.
The pluses of the movie is for sure Samantha. Unlike other movies where heroines are shown as heroins only to seduce the hero (and thus the viewers), Samantha demonstrates a great true love. She repents for her misjudgement and goes to the extreme extent of convincing everyone on the truth.  

Late Murali, father of Atharva does make a guest appearance in the movie to congratulate him on his birthday on a visitor's cap. He introduces himself as a final year MBBS student. I believe, every movie that he has acted in his left has bestowed on him the student's cap. Is he trying to express the thought that art is long and life is short?

The songs are lovely to the extent of sprucing up the movie without too much empty decorations.  Baana Kaathadi, in our view, ranks 'This week's excellent movie'. It is also a tribute to Late Murali for shaping his son and as an able actor. The most moving thing is that Murali's first film and last film and his son's first film is from the house of Satyajyoti films. May his soul rest in peace.

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