Monday, June 13, 2011

FireShot -- The Sureshot screenshot Browser Helper for Firefox

If you are using Firefox 4.0.1 you ought to check out and have Fireshot which is an immensely helpful browser add-on to capture screenshots, add annotations and shapes before exporting the final image to your local disk. You might have observed a recent screenshot in my post on LdVoyage launch. Perhaps this should be another compelling reason for me to adopt Firefox again in my web developer's toolbox.

And let me jump across any browser but never never Internet Explorer. Frankly speaking surfing the web using Internet Explorer is just akin visiting a red light area without protective condoms. Sorry Guys. I don't have find more diplomatic way of telling it for the amount of destruction Internet Explorer swept in my box. If you need me to use Internet Explorer some of the compelling things I would need to see it in are:

  1. Without my consent it should not add any DLLs like Xml.dll, MsHtml.dll as browser helpers.
  2. Popup blocker never works for me.
  3. Memory footprint is too high
  4. Slow start of Internet Explorer


Dr N V S said...

Everything is OK,
but no link is provided to download the add on?!

Dr N V S said...

Sorry, I found it by clicking again the Show Original post link.
In the previous blog page the link was not so visible.

Deepak Vasudevan said...

Glad that you were able to crack it. The AddOn URL is here