Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sweet September

Just two days back I was found cribbing around and lamenting 'Sick September'. So "what the hell is this guy around" would be the thought process nurturing in you. Yes. The dawn of September did bring a lot of sweet roses in more ways than one.

A few of the good things as of writing on 1st September are:
  1. Ganesh Chaturthi
  2. Ramzan Celebration on the eve of September.
  3. I believe the first week is also loaded with a lot of celebrations a few of them are socially colorful and a handful of them have a personal fanfare. How about giving a privileged mention to the series of Onam festivals that are lined up for our keralite fraternity. Happy Onam guys!
  4. For those truly hard-workers, the first monday recognizes them at least in this part of the world.
  5. This point number 5 and September 5 is dedication to the teachers who enlighten us from darkness into the world of blooming knowledge.
  6. This point number 6 and Sweet September 6 is a treasured for me and my better half. I would rather say 'my best half'. "Salutations to thee" -- I have a long list of yearnings of learning from you, my cutie pie. Wait. I would catch up
"If winter comes can spring be far behind" perhaps turns out true for even this post series on September. Sweet September. Doesn't it sound sweet even to tell this phrase? As a matter of fact, rose by any name would smell sweet. 

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