Sunday, October 07, 2012

Introspection Exercise :: Are you managing time effectively?

Please answer Yes or No to the following questions and then score yourself on how effectively you can manage time.

  1. I am the only one to properly deliver and accomplish the tasks both at work and at home.
  2. Most of my time and energy are being taken away in handling daily crisis.
  3. I seldom get time in relaxing and focusing on a bit more important things that I really want to do in my life.
  4. I always rush to complete my jobs or studies as I feel I am behind time.
  5. I sometimes (or many times) accept too much work or study beyond my capabilities.
  6. I seldom take vacations.
  7. I work or study on all days without a break or holiday.
  8. I totally believe in an idealistic results or perfection and am venturing to achieve the same by hook or by crook leaving no stones unturned.
  9. I usually (and mostly) take my office works (and worries) home.
  10. I usually (and mostly) extend my home sentiments (and emotions) to work.
  11. I usually (and may be mostly) commit overtime because my job seems to be warranting the same.
  12. I feel that I miss the deadlines at work or studies usually.
  13. I have periods of hyper-active overwork followed by bouts of time where there is an unusual amount of unproductive lethargy-cum-laziness.
  14. I have the habit of procrastinating things to 23rd hour and then rush to complete them in the hurry.
  15. I am unable to sort out and decide the priority amongst the things in my list -- basically which should I take first and which should be deferred later.
  16. I am unable to believe that others can do some job as well as I can.
  17. I am apprehensive of trusting my friends, junior, spouse or my children with major decisions.
  18. I am unable to delegate that extra piece of work to my friends, junior, spouse or my children.
  19. I like to sit around to gossip (and/or rant) a lot.
  20. I usually feel exhausted and tired after the day's work or studies.
  21. I wish I had twenty-six hours in my day.

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