Sunday, October 07, 2012

Introspection Exercise :: Are you stressed?

  1. Do you often dislike doing home work or going to work?
  2. Are you often irritated with your household chores or bored with your work?
  3. Did you ever feel that you have chosen a wrong study/course, an incorrect career or a wrong life-partner?
  4. Do you often get irritable and lose your temper easily?
  5. Do you often take resort to tension relief pills to tide over the day's challenges?
  6. Did you ever take refuge with an alcoholic intoxicating equipments to relax yourself?
  7. Have you ever felt that people may be and/or laughing at you behind your shoulders?
  8. Have you ever nurtured an apprehension that people may be hatching a plot against you?
  9. Have you been ever concerned with your sub-ordinates or family members wasting their time when you are head is not visible?
  10. Have you been apprehensive at some point of time of any sort of assault on you by some one?
  11. Have you been concerned that your work has not got due credits and/or you have not been suitably appreciated?
  12. Are you feeling that the promotion and/or appraisal system at your work/home is not commensurate and/or is grossly unfair towards your softskills development?
  13. Have you encountered resistive attempts or have you been resistive to changes to be brought at home?
  14. Have you been feeling like a tight-corner and/or a tight-rope walking regarding your work or at home?
  15. Have you been sitting awake at the mid of the night brooding over any of your problems?
  16. Have you thought of resigning from the work and/or renunciating from your family circles with an endeavor to start and/or sow a seed for a fresh new one?
  17. Do you often go through bouts of and bad episodes of depression?
  18. Do you often find yourself yelling at people when they air out views which you strongly disagree with?
  19. Have you felt a kind of 'isolation' in the world or been 'pinched with a salty-sour bliss of solitude'?
  20. Have you ever thought of and/or contemplated on any suicidal thoughts?

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