Tuesday, October 13, 2015

SIR -- (S)lave (I) (R)emain

The most abominable and commonly used word in India is 'Sir' for everything and anyone.  The real acronym for the word 'Sir' is (S)lave (I) (R)emain. And it is the remnant of the imperialistic effect that British has left upon us several centuries before. If you have watched the tamil movie 'Thamizhan' (starring Vijay) where he condemns the writer of the police station for forcing people to call the inspector as 'Ayya' (sir in Tamil). He adds that if he is so obsessed with that relationship, it is up to him but not to thrust the same on others.

I have been observing quite a number of software companies in Chennai also, unfortunately, catching up this trend of juniors addressing seniors as 'SIR'. What is the purpose of 'first name' (given name) and 'last name' for the person then? Why are people so obsessed with the relationship of being a slave?

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