Monday, April 18, 2016

An opportunity to donate blood ...

Last wednesday (13th April 2016) there was a blood donation camp organized in our campus.  I have been eager for the past week to participate although a little fear regarding extraction of blood was present.  They did the following checks like HB (HaemoGlobin) count, body temperature, pressure etc. One condition was should not have done a root canal treatment or dental extraction. Fortunately in my case this is a future plan so I was eligible to donate.

When the syringe was applied and blood was being taken out, I had no issues. However, no sooner the syringe was taken out than a black cloud of darkness surrounded with bouts of unsurmountable giddiness. The paramedical staff helped with a couple of fans and first aid to overcome the giddiness which took around 30 minutes to subsede.

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