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Quick Whois on Various TLDs

Quick Whois on Various TLDsGone are the days when you use the old slow whois servers searching for availability of domains in each TLD separately. Just wanted to share a couple of nice WHOIS URLs which would enable us to know about the domain name we want and we can book it quickly.Check out the following websites: Windows Application (whois.exe) from The homepage of this tool is anyway here: country TLDs:

A Global Goal Tracker

A Global Goal Tracker -- In a Lighter VienCheck out this website called When you login, you can create your goals and tracks it through completion. You need to take it in the more lighter vien. I don't think it is anything like your MSN Calendar or like that and remains open for any visitor to see the stuff. Check it out at

Nava Rasas in Bharatanatyam

Nava Rasas in BharatanatyamBharatanatyam owns a unique place of pride in the world. Our motherland, India, can be proud of this wonderful and life-science rather. There are a lot of things that Bharatanatyam -- the art of Dance teaches us and emotions are quite elegantly described as Abhinayas. A brief description about the NavaRasas are given below:Sringara RasaRaudra RasaVeera Rasa Hasya Rasa Karuna RasaVibhatsa Rasa Adbhuta Rasa Bhayanaka Shanta Rasa Information Source Courtesy: Perhaps this website also explains in detail about all Rasa's here. Check these out:

OpenSource Flash -- ScreenWeaver

ScreenWeaver -- OpenSource FlashDo you have a nice SWF which you want to email to your friends but worrying if they do not have a Flash Player? In that case, till now, you should be putting a line in the email message stating that you can open this in Internet Explorer and again with the assumption that Macromedia Plugin for Flash and Shockwave player is available with that version of Internet Explorer. I was searching out for some nice tool and came across the following OpenSource Tool. Check it out: also facilitates creating of desktop applications, screensavers and much more...

Gearing up for Diwali Celebrations

Gearing up for DiwaliWith the incessant rains ceasing and giving way for the celebrations, Chennai and Bangalore are slowly limping back to normalcy, preparing to celebrate the Festival of Lights, called Diwali (Deepavali in Tamil). Don't worry. I would'nt bore you with the history of Diwali, rather I would hyperlink you to a Diwali page on Internet:, where can shop and browse till you drowse. :) :)Anyway, advanced Very Happy Diwali to one and all.

Click here to see your Happy Diwali Greeting Card

Monsoon 2005

Monsoon 2005 in Chennai and Bangalore

The month of October has been witnessing intermittent showers through out the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. While this has been discouraging many people in Tamil Nadu, since it was like a small peanut for the hunger of elephant since these showers were far from sufficient to replenish the depleted ground water level. Starting 26th the situations changed a new leaf when there was an unprecedented cyclonic tropical storm, which the Met Offices branded as Low Pressure Trough in Bay of Bengal.

There were incessant rains throughout the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Worst hit places include HSR, Koramangala in Bangalore and many places in North Madras like Perambur. Places in North Madras witnessed even boats being carried from Kasimedu to rescue people to ferry them out of water-logged areas where they were stranded. There were'nt any isolated instances of MTC (Metropolitan Transport Corporation) buses turning into INS-MTC, where INS stan…

Good News to Bloggers

Good News to Bloggers

There is some good news out to bloggers. There is no need to worry about pinging each PingServer after publishing the content. I just came across a nice website called which automatically pings to about eight major ping servers.

Perhaps, I think this is a new site and as time progresses, these would slowly move and they would enable more blogging services too.

Gmail's Innovation

I was just finding out a nice innovation in Gmail. When you click discard/cancel in the Compose window, normally you get a JavaScript confirmation in all Webmails. In Gmail, the Discard was done immediately but then I found a message like 'Your message has been discarded. Undo Discard', which takes back to the compose screen again.

Happy Vijayadasami to one and all

Happy Vijayadasami I would like to greet all Happy Vijayadasami to one and all. Vijayadasami gets a unique position as the 10th day after Dussehra as slaying the wicked and victory for Lordess Durga. In this occasion, we would like to recite the following Mahishasura Mardhini Stotram for the benefit of all readers. ------------------ Ayigiri nandhini nandhitha medhini visvavinodhini nandhanutheGirivara vindhya sirodhinivaasini vishNuvilaasini jishNunutheBaghavathihe sidhikanda kudumbini boorikudumbini boorikrudheJeyajeyahe Mahishaasuramardhini ramyagabardhini sailasutheSuravaravarshiNi dhurdharadharshiNi dhurmugamarshiNi harsharatheThribuvana boshiNi sankaradhoshiNi gilbishamoshiNi gosharatheDhanujaniroshiNi dhidhishuroshiNi dhurmadhasoshiNi sindhusutheJeyajeyahe Mahishaasuramardhini ramyagabardhini sailasutheAyijagadhamba madhamba kadhamba vanapriya vaasini haasaratheSigari siromaNi thungahimaalaya srunga nijaalaya madhayagatheMadhumadhure madhugaidaba ganjini kaidaba banjini raasarathe…

Playing with Microsoft Agent Character SDK

Today I was relatively free and hence I was trying to learn something new with the most cute creature of Microsoft Office -- Office Assistant. And I think, this is no more Microsoft Office alone. Starting with Windows XP, it has also become Search Assistant.A few cool tools that would help the reader get started with developing their own Microsoft Office Assistant characters are below:

With the comfort in the laps of Mother Nature

Tremors again in the Himalayan region -- the place which has assumed Holy significance among all people. Just wanted to share some comments.Of late, there has been a steady increase in the number of environmental hazards happening -- TSunami Tidal Tragedy in December 2004, Katherina/Rita Hurricanes in the state of Texas and now acute tremors in the PoK region of Kashmir. Too much of interference from mankind to the natural ecosystem leading to Global Warming and similar issues seems to the root cause of all these problems.A simple example could be when somebody tries to intrudes into a seat reserved by you in a local townbus we get so much intimidated. But we are fiddling with the nature resources too much. It is the enormous magnanimity and kindness of Mother Nature, her gentle affection that keeps tolerating this. But when her patience runs out and when she is intimidated, the force with which she retalitates, the earthlings suffer for months together. Let us take this instance to s…

Tasty food in a Friendly Good Cool Ambience

Murugan Idli Shop @TNagarMy team has currently moved to a newer facility in T.Nagar since last week. I was quite busy adapting to the new environment, setting up and restoring the backs from the fileserver etc. Some of the advantages we observed were:Being a business hub of Chennai (or Asia for that matter), it commends a unique place of travel comfort and availability through late nights, which help us greatly.Proximity to a nice good ambient restaurant called Murugan Idli Shop, which serves nice food in traditional plantain leaves. Today being the second week in MBA Classes, I also attended the same and while coming back, really witnessed two of the shops that were implementing ICloneable interface and mimicing Murugan Idli Shop, respectively at MMDA Colony, Arumbakkam and Vadapalani by names, Madurai Idli Shop and Salem Idli Shop. This I think would really bring out the power and fame of Murugan Idli Shop to all.

Divine Weekly Trip @Parthasarathy Temple, Triplicane

Busy Weekend

This weekend, I was quite busy. I had some deliverables and reviews to make and send from the work perspective. Sunday, my MBA Personal Contact Programme was starting. I had to revise the MBA books for that too.

Myself and my friend (Redhy Issac) were also planning to purchase a CD writer for his homesystem. We are hunting down the entire RitchieStreet for the same. After long bargains, we homed in on a Samsung made Combo drive and the time was then half past two. I was planning to start off to temple and my friend told that he was willing too.

What a coincidence! Whatever new things I normally buy, use to visit the temple first. Now, this CD writer also got the automatic chance of visiting my famous weekly shrine (Tiruvallikeni Sri Parthasarathy Swami Temple). We had in fact more comfortable workship and that too in the crowded Purattasi month, thanks to the mercy and showers of blessings of the Lord.

The next day, I had my MBA contact programme on Management Concepts start…