Thursday, January 26, 2006

57th Republic Day of India

57th Republic Day of India

India humbly steps into 2006 and celebrates its 57th Republic Day, today, the 26th of January, 2006. 2005 has been a testing time for India both from the Nature front with a series of Tsunami Tidal Tragedies, Earthquakes and continuing terrorist attacks at the borders.

  • Letz pray to Lord Almighty, for the benefit of our motherland to see a peaceful and prosperous 2006 from this 57th Republic Day.
  • Letz take this moment, to recollect the Golden words of Poet (Mohemmad Iqbal) in his Sare Jahan Se Acha, which celebrates India greatly.

The poem describes India as the best amongst the countries in the World and celebrates its citizens as nightingales and the country as our garden.  The highest mountain neighbour (Western Ghats, Himalayas etc) to the skies stands guards to the nation. Hundreds and thousands of rivers, rivulets and distributaries add to the beauty of the nation and our country has not failed to elicit the envy of the heaven too. Religions are aplenty over our nation, which don't teach hatred among each other. We are all Indians and India is our homeland.

Sare Jahan Se Acha Hindo'Stam Hamara |
Hum bul bule Hai is kee, ye' Gul Sitaam Hamara ||

Parbat vo Sabse Uncha Hum Saayaa Aasmaa Ka |
Vo Santaree Hamaaraa, Vo Paas Baa Hamaaraa ||

Go'Dee Me'Khe'L Tee Hai Is Kee Hazaaro' Nadiya |
Gulshan Hai Jin Ke' Dam se' Ras Ke Jina Hamaaraa ||

Maj Hab Nahee Sikaata Aapas Me Bhyr Rakhna |
Hindi Hai Hum, Vatan Hi Hindosta Hamara ||

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