Friday, January 27, 2006

Cricket -- Game of Ricket on Indian Economy

Cricket -- Game of Ricket on Indian Economy

I am just trying to address this discussion on the game of cricket from the perspective of India. Perhaps as a reader and if you share similar views from your country, please update them as comments.

It is high time that the game of cricket be seriously considered whether it is going to be a merit for India. The sportive game of cricket, as the time of Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil, I apprehend, is starting to get etch in the pages of history.

As a reader in this discussion forum at Rediff suggested, Indian Cricket Team are proving time and again that they are only tigers in talking and not in achieving.  This is just a personal comment and perhaps all the related CCIs like BCCI, ICCI etc can see whether some corrective actions could be implemented for these lapses.

  1. "Barking dogs seldom bite", "Empty Vessels make more noise" are well known sayings in English. Our cricket team gives so much of press meet, promises and assurances but when the real match comes, the tangible winning cups seems to be only in Utopia.
  2. During test matches, all Internet Connection and bandwidth of broadband pipes are just wasted down the drain for the score card which is anyway, ultimately does not give a happiness that our country has won the cup.
  3. Related to Point Number (1), cellular communications too are jammed of SMS Traffic.
  4. Productivity of the staff are severely hampered in many organizations as the employees stay glued to either Internet or Shared Television sets watching the cricket matches, without concenterating on the work.

It is true that there is only some marginal advertisement profits from these cricket game nowadays, which is afflicted with so much rampant corruption throughout. It is high time that the nation's administration wakes up to see the internal workings of this age-old game and recover it from the shackles that it currently suffers from.

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Anonymous said...

Thats very true Deepak...
It hampers alot...even people lose a large amounts in Betting...
Cricket has becum more of passion than mere sport