Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Health Checkup for my Kinetic Zing

Health Checkup for my Kinetic Zing

My Kinetic Zing was experiencing some coughs and throat congestion problems and he had a brief heath checkup today at a nearby clinic. Since the climate was also relatively cool, a tour around till Guindy so that he could get alright with a more fresh breathing air.

It was two persons that turned on my ignition key passionately for long runs and just not local trips. They are respected to the core and respectively the following:

  1. Santosh Kumar Sinha (aka) Bajrangbali (now in Bangalore)
  2. Visu (Poonamalee). He works as a tailor and I know him since my school age.
While casually talking to him one day night, Santosh was very particular and instrumental in having me prevening waste of time over public transportation services, besides the acute travel pains.

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