Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rajnikanth becomes grandfather

Rajnikanth becomes grandfather

The most preferred and favorite actor of Southern India with his glory reaching peak of the peak (sigarathai adainthal vaanithal eru) in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala has been promoted by his daughter as grandfather. His daughter (Aishwarya) who is married to actor Dhanush, gave birth to a boy baby in a chennai hospital on 10th October 2006 at 1710 hours.

Even though he has been promoted as grandfather, there are still his style that keeps his fans across the world captivated and enthralled to him. Be it an action movie like Tillu Mullu or a religious film like Raghavendra or one of his latest box office hits like Padayappa or the ongoing film shooting like Shivaji this has been an eternal truth. He gives a very good message and an encouraging tone to the world. In Padayappa, Neelambari (Ramya Krishnan) after breaking out from her self-created prison-room met Padayappa and very egoistically would comment "Even though you are aged, I like you. You know the reason. That is your hair style". With a more pristine smile, Rajini would reply "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was born with me and has been with me. It would never depart away from me". And coming to the encouraging tone that he used to give are the lyrics "Singanadai pottu sigarathil eru. Sigarathai adainthal vanathil eru".

Let us wish him all success in all spheres of life and would pray the Lord to shower him blessings to get more laurels and success.

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